Monday, 17 November 2008

Sods Law

The old adage goes "if it’s cold and the temperatures are dropping then don’t bother wasting your time", and with temperatures dropping here daily and constant rain outside my window, I’ve found it hard to motivate myself these last few weeks to do any fishing at all..

Saturdays weather report looked promising…….all be it overcast and -3’c. I decided to go to the boat harbour in Murole some 8km away knowing I would have the walk around boat jetty all to myself with the hope that any respecting pike might have moved into the area looking for a tasty morsel to snack on……..” Who was I kidding ”?
Sods law though that no sooner had I arrived and started chucking some fluff, when the mist slowly crept in. Then with out warning snow flakes as big as pancakes started falling out the sky…..Bollocks!
The old couple who had stopped to watch for a few minutes while walking their dogs must have thought I was a complete nutter …..and I suppose in hindsight, thinking about it now….. I was!

I trudged back to the car rather demoralised wondering where do these ********* weather forecasters get their reports from?

We have a saying here in Finland that goes “It doesn’t matter what the weather is like as long as you are dressed correctly for it”! and thank goodness I was