Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Pike fly lines and Shooting heads

Here are two lines that I am preasantly using.My Opti Booster from Loop is just the correct length and turns over my flies with ease. With the Mastery series fly line though I have shortened it by 120cm and re-looped it.I just found it to long for my cast action and wasn't loading my rod correctly enough.Always remember if you are going to shorten it cut the head back around 12cm-15cm at a time. What I do Like about this line is its visability over open water, especially when I'm using poppers.

Scientific Anglers™ Mastery Series Fly Line - Pike/Muskie

Scientific Anglers™ Mastery Series Fly Line for Pike and Muskie has a large tip diameter and short front taper to deliver huge flies long distances with accuracy and control, while the line's short head minimizes the need for false casting. This line has a specially formulated 3M coating made of PVC integrated with AST (Advanced Shooting Technology). The line coating is specially formulated to float higher for easier pickups, while its suppleness minimizes memory in cold water. Color: Sunset Orange.

Loop Opti-Booster


Featuring a short front taper, superb weight
distribution and a low-stretch core, the Booster Big Fly shooting head turns over ”biggies” with ease. With integrated loops on both ends you’ll easily change leader and line.
This for sure is a line for big nasties, be it fish or fly.
Integrated loops and low-stretch core.
Length 8,8-9,0 m.
Float, Clear Intermediate and S III/ S IV. Line #8-9