Monday, 3 November 2008


"Reaching the field of operation, I sent the light craft along just within casting distance of the fringing weeds and grass, for it is never the part of wisdom when doing any fishing to 'stretch the cast," to cast beyond control. A moderately long line should be cast. I know of no fishing where ability to lay a long line is a greater asset".

"For the way to fight a great pike on a fly-rod is to fight him. Never let the fish conduct the battle: that is the prerogative of the fisherman".

A few weeks ago I came a cross a flip book on the web called “THE BOOK OF THE PIKE” by O.W.Smith written in 1922 and every evening since, I have truly been immersed in his quest for his love of Pike Fishing. His chapter on Pike fly fishing (chapter 8 page 88-101) was particularly interesting especially his tussle with a monster pike and his archaic methods for subduing it after the long a fight. Ahhh! Gone are the days when one could take a 32 revolver with and shoot your quarry in the head before dragging it on board you boat.
It’s a good read for both Pike anglers and Fly-fishermen alike.
”CLICK” on the thumbnail and you will then be able to download the whole book for later readings.