Monday, 10 November 2008

A day Trouting

Don’t you just love those spur of the moment fishing trips that reap results at the end of the session. A friend arrived at my place yesterday totally out of the blue to ask if I would be interested in a bit of trout fishing. Saarijarvi was the destination which is a stocked trout lake some 65km away that has been fishing quite well these last few weeks.
In hindsite My 9” pike booster rod was a bit of an overkill but as I had never caught a trout on it I took it along for the day.
Conditions were perfect, Overcast with a light breeze and a decent chop on the water surface. I started with an orange waggler and it wasn’t long (maybe 8-10 casts) before I felt the line go tight and the reel started to scream.I was surprised how quickly the line in my stripping tray dissapeared, with Pike at least you get time to adjust yourself but this trouting lark was a whole new ball game.
Anyway the three of us bagged 5 in total all between the 1.2kg bracket. And left rather content with ourselves. That evening around the fire with a few beers we slow smoked two on a board traditionally called Loimulohi.