Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Roll on Winter

With snow on the ground and ice slowly engulfing the lakes here, it saddens me in a way that I started this blog so late on in the season for me to write about my exploits and that I now have a long four months ahead of me before I can write about them again. I suppose a small price I have to pay for living this far north of the equator.
With a move to Vaasa 180km N.West on the Baltic coastline just around the corner, and new fishing waters to explore I’m left wondering whether I will miss the wilderness that Kuru - my home for the last four years, has offered me. If you’d have said 6 yrs ago in London that I would be able to watch Elk (practically within touching distance) swim past me while out on my canoe, or have a Mink climb onto the float tube I was fishing from and steal perch I’d caught for dinner from behind me, I wouldn’t have believed you. To have been able to fish right through the night with some truly stunning sunsets for a backdrop, or to watch Osprey fishing along side me are moments that will be indelibly printed in my psyche.
I will be coming back here to Kuru with clients next season, and I still have over 312 lakes to explore with my canoe and float tube, but I truly am looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into these Baltic pikes in a big way, and off course writing about all the trials and tribulations that goes with catching these fish…….Roll on Winter!