Thursday, 13 November 2008

Pike fly lines and shooting heads

Cortland 444 sl

leading the field in fly line design and technology, brings you the first fly line designed for the Pike and Musky. These weight forward designs feature radically short tapers that easily turn over those large, air-resistant Pike/Musky flies. The bright red color makes it easy to “track” the line on the water. WF7-10

Precision big fly – Pike floating (90*)

Designated to throw large, wind resistant pike flies like bunny leaches with ease. Big Fly utilizes Cortland's Rocket 2 taper with a dramatically shortened front taper to turn over large flies with ease. A color change from red to mint green indicates the maximum pick-up point for more efficient casting.
Sizes: WF 8 - 10
Type: Floating
Taper: Rocket 2
Color: Blood Red / Mint
Core: Nylon Braid

Scierra Pike Fly Line
If you like to fly fish for pike, you should take a look at this unique, specially designed line.
The Pike Line is designed with a short belly and a very steep taper in order to carry large, heavy and bulky flies over long distances.
Constructed with a braided core, the Pike Line has virtually no stretch. This improves the chances of your hook finding a hold in the pike's bony mouth, even when you have a lot of fly line out.
These lines are highly recommended for our Pike Fly rods!
WF pike #8 Floating 11.75m or WF pike #9Floating 11.75m

Although this line was developed for Scierra's pike rods It worked fantastic with my Ron Thompson pike rod while in The U.K 5 years back


Anonymous said...

the precision cortland big fly pike line is sick. The front head as so fat it tosses the big stuff out with no problem ....get it it!