Friday, 31 October 2008

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Having been an avid saltwater fly-fisherman in South Africa for many years I crossed over to fly-fishing for pike when I moved back to the U.K In 95. My passion for it really took of though once I moved here to Finland in 2004, and that I attribute to being able to dedicate a lot more time to catching Pike on the fly.

If you have come to this blog in the hope of finding images of massive pike caught by me on the fly you will be very disappointed. I know I am going to have to be extremely lucky to catch a 25lb’r with some fluff, so I am just as happy showing you a 1lb’r as I am with a 10lb’r that I have caught. My whole ethos has changed towards the sport as I have truly started to appreciate my surroundings more and more, and that has been the greatest addition towards my love for the art form.

What I do want from this blog is to not only show and share my experiences of fly-fishing for pike with other like minded pike fly-fisherman around the world or just those who might be interested in taking up the sport, but also a place for me to draw on your experiences and insight into chucking fluff for “Esox lucius”.

Yes, Every now and again there will be something reviewed by me on a specific piece of equipment that I have come across and feel has helped me in improving my strike rate, “Although don’t always take my word for it”. I will also be adding the odd fly-tying tutorial here either by me or by any of you out their willing to share your skills and yes there will be enough links to other like minded pike fly-fishing websites ie: (Rods, reels, flies) for you to access, but mainly this blog is for those just interested in reading about an everyday bloke living in the wilderness truly enjoying fly-fishing for pike in one of the most beautiful countries and fishing destinations in the world.

Oh & Lastly! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback whether it be positive or negative. If you have something specific to discuss or show, drop me a line and well add it to the pages.

Tight lines

Simon Graham

If you fish the wrong fly long and hard enough, it will sooner or later become the right fly." -- John Gierach


dry flies and deadbaits said...

You've hit the nail on the head. I dont think pike fly fishing is about size, its about getting the chance to observe these awesome predators in their natural environment and enjoying any encounter you are lucky enough to have with them.

Taking in your surroundings and the subtleties of the weather/ light etc is one of the most enjoyable aspects of fishing in my opinion.

however, catching big pike IS pretty cool....