Saturday, 18 October 2008

Autumn Popping

Its been a fantastic autumn for me here in Kuru. No massive pike to write home about but as I have said many times before I couldn't care less what size they are, I am just so grateful and fortunate to be able to spend as much time as I do Fly-fishing for pike in some of the most picturesque wilderness on some of the most pristine lakes the world has to offer.

"Location,Location,location by boy". Haven't we heard that before.I'd spent the good half of the morning with nothing to show for my efforts then within a ten minute period I first caught this 3kilo on a frog imitation

And then this 3.2kilo caught on a Bally bomber

I have 42 lakes within a 12km square radius of my home to choose from but the other day I just had to walk 5 minutes to catch this cracker on one of my own "Grim Reaper poppers".

This was caught last weekend in Vaasa in the Baltic sea in conditions I can only describe as utterly miserable. Still didn't stop me from getting in the boat though.


David Edwards said...

Simon... nice of you to comment on my blog, I'm amazed that people actually read it and the geographical spread. There's even someone in Barbados who reads it, I know where I'd rather be fishing... just for the weather as I'd miss old Esox! I think I came across you in a blog by Wilf(a paddler)who used you on a fishing trip to Finland... I remember his post on Song of the Paddle forum.

I had thoughts of Scandinavia for a bit of a fishing trip next year... perhaps I should start planning now!

Thanks again for taking the time to read the blog and more so for commenting. Oh and McFluffchucker - yes I have come across him thru the Pike Fly Fishing Association. I do have a set of patterns which catch my pike and I now tie these myself...

I've added you to my set of links as well...