Tuesday, 28 October 2008

In need of a fix

After three days of pretty miserable weather here in Kuru, Locked indoors working on a canoeing project with my Partner Lena, I was desperate & in need of a fix. My daily check on the weather report last night showed promise for this morning so I decided to get up extra early and head of to a small lake I had stumbled across while out walking Dingo the dog last week in the forests. I’d found an old rowing boat with oars inside along its shore and decided to risk it and was pleasantly surprised to find it had no leaks.

To say it was the most picturesque setting is an understatement. The lake was a mirror and mist covered it like a blanket. The only noises I heard came from a loan Black woodpecker screeching from the far end of the lake and the incessant tapping of a Lesser spotted woodpecker on the side of a dead Birch stump close by.

Its moments like that, in places like this knowing full well that you will be the only person here for the whole day that stay indelibly printed in my mind, in fact the fishing was just an extra bonus by this stage.

Anyway to cut a long story short within twenty minutes I had caught 2 jacks both on a mouse imitation and a nice Perch (size un-important) on a small white & red streamer, and was feeling rather content with myself. I swapped over to my fast sinking line and attached a bally-bomber to the business end and decided to try some deeper water. My 3rd cast (and to be honest by this time I wasn’t paying much attention except to my surroundings) I felt a rather strong thud from below and knew I was into something a little more substantial.

5 minutes later and I had a nice 3.5kg pike on board and my fix was complete.

I paddled back to shore and took this image just for remembrance of a perfect mornings pike fly-fishing.


David Edwards said...

Very envious of your current environment... what a great fish!

dry flies and deadbaits said...

It's great to see a fly fishing blog dedicated to pike, i've enjoyed reading all your posts.

The pictures of the really dark pike are amazing, ive never seen pike that colour here in scotland, despite a lot of our lochs being very peaty!

All about the grab said...

Yes David I am very fortunate.having spent many years working in London, 5 of those for Barclays I knew there was more to life and as I only have one of them I wanted to enjoy it the best way I could.

Scott,Thanks mate much appreciated.Yes I have been quite amazed at their colouration especially the ones caught from the much smaller lakes here found in the wilderness areas.

dry flies and deadbaits said...

The tail on that pike is enormous! It's not hard to see how they achieve the incredible strike speed they posess.

Most of the pike we catch locally are quite light in colouration, with bright white bellies and quite muted green flanks. It seems that the darker greeny / brown fish come from more northern climes.

All about the grab said...

Scott,if you go to the actual blog title colour differention I found some interesting articles which I have placed there regarding dark lakes and predator movements and colouration you might like to read.