Saturday, 16 May 2009


Pike, Muskie & Tiger Muskie, all get given such bad press, for either invading new waters or depleting existing stocks of Blueliner fish, yet they have as much right being there, and form an integral part of these waterways ecosystems as any other bloody species. With the exception of Browlining, Pike & Muskie on the fly is the fastest growing form of fishing in the Northern hemisphere at present.

Fly-fishing equipment manufacturers are coming around to the fact that there’s an ever expanding market for specific Pike/Muskie lines, shooting heads & specialized rods, and so more money is being used in the development of improving specific tackle to target these species. One only has to look at the new innovations of pike flies and their designs, to know that the sport is on the up. Pike on the fly is just as enjoyable as any other form of fly-fishing and will cost you a hell of a lot less to pursue than say Trout and Salmon fly-fishing & with the slow demise of these Hollywood blueliner fish due to numerous factors, ie: Norwegian fish farming or the over damming of major waterways there’ll eventually be more & more people either taking up Brownlining or Snotrocketlining in the future.

For all you snotrocketliners that do target any of the above mentioned species (Pike, Muskie, Tiger Muskie, Amur pike & Pickerel) on the fly and have your own blog or website and are dedicated to the well being of these magnificent species either through their conservation or just correct catch & release policies, then feel free to cut and paste this image into your sidebar.

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