Friday, 1 May 2009

Friday Pin up after 12 beers!

24 yr old Tatiana hails from Petrozovodsk in Russia. She says its hard to believe, that only three years ago she was an integral part of the Russian freestyle skating team but due to constant bullying from her other team mates she was forced to pack it all in. Her brother says that although she has a face like a yaks arse, and an arse like a yaks face and her tits hang past her knees, he just wishes she would find someone stable and gainfully employed, instead of some of the riff raff she hangs around with under the bridge.


Anonymous said...

We love that !!!! And we love your blog !!!El Mouching team !!!

dave lindsay said...

last time i saw something like that it had a hook in its mouth , its enough to put you of dinking ohhhhhhh ouch