Saturday, 23 May 2009

Spearfishing for pike

Why use a fly-rod when you can use a spear gun instead.Check out this video of Andrea Pettinti spearfishing for Pike. Actually he has a great website with other video footage of fish he has targeted around the globe. Different strokes for different blokes, I suppose.Click the the linked name to visit his site.

Luccio 11 kg from andrea pettiti on Vimeo.


Auke said...

Mmm.. I think it's quite a waste of pike. I love pike and fish for catch and release.

I do not mind killing fish but it should be fish you can eat and is tasty...

I also can not find the sport in spearing a pike witch has no natural predators and will be approachable really easy without being spooked,

All about the grab said...

Actually Auke apparently his father owns a fish mongers shop and it was filleted and sold. I know what yo mean though.