Friday, 8 May 2009

Brownlining for Ide

News arrived back last night with Lena that she was sure she had seen carp swimming up a ditch towards the stream close by our place so off course curiosity got the better of me and I shot off down the road to inspect. On arrival I was very surprised to actually find a dozen or so Ide working there way up this ditch towards a stream close buy.

I’ve been following the antics of Jean-Paul from the "Roughfisher blog" closely over the last 6 months with regards to catching what others class as the undesirable fish on the fly (Carp, Catfish, White suckers, Shorthead redhorse) to name but a few and wished that we had Carp in the region for me to try target alternative species. Now I’ve never fished for Ide before, but knew they take Gurglers and white foam presentation flies of the surface through my friends in Norway, and the only fly I had was this one which came with a set of shitty flies in a fishing box set……”well it will have to do” I thought.

As you can see the ditch … a ditch, and after several snag ups either in the bushes or in the ditch itself I managed to set the fly in just the right spot. To be truthful I held absolutely no hope of catching one of these fish but I nearly shit myself when one popped its mouth out the water and sucked the tiny foam head fly down. I can only tell you the next minute was just total adrenalin coursing through my veins. Unfortunately once it realized it was hooked the Ide then proceeded to dive under ever snag & submerged branch it could find trying to eradicate the fly out of its gob, which left my leader and line in a right bloody mess.

If you’ve seen “CAST AWAY” with Tom Hanks you’ll remember his reaction when he eventually made a fire for the 1st time…………that’s what I looked & felt like.
It will be a long time before I can class myself as a “Brownliner”, but what I can tell you is how much this fish means to me…….Its just one of those moments in fishing that will stay with me forever……….STOKED!

Go to the Google maps in the side bar to see where I caught it. Yellow marker with a dot in the middle.


Unknown said...

Hehe nice fish man though not pike size material.

We also have a small spot nearby my area here in Denmark where we usually get a few good ides during the winter months on the fly.

Actually got a nice one this winter on my #3 rod - 1,6 kg, quite fun :)

Reading and enjoying ur blog alot, as i also mainly fly fish for pike here in Dk.

Got quite some pike photos on my flickr, feel free to show/link some of em here on the site:

dave lindsay said...

really nice article that enjoyed reading it theres a few places that have ide stocked in uk lakes and they will take smaller pike flys if you cast to them

great article again mate

David Edwards said...

Nice one Simon! I've got a few carp flies in the bag... has to be worth a shot if the pike aren't on!

Urban Fly Fisher said...

Fantastic - from a ditch too.

That has got me beat :-)

Anonymous said...

well done mate!