Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Since arriving here on Replot I’ve been itching to fish up on the north part of the island, so I left early Monday morning and headed to Svedjehamn fishing harbor (Pictured above) parked the car up, grabbed my kit and took the Björkö-Panike Hiking trail. Most of the first 2km around the harbor is a restricted fishing area but to be honest I was just happy doing a bit of birding . In a 3 hour hike I managed to spot or hear 53 different species of birds which included Crane, White tailed eagle, Slovenian grebes, Pied fly catcher, Redshank, Curlew….well you get my drift. In hindsight I should have left my rod behind as the trail is just stunning to say the least.

Anyway, once I was out of the restricted zone I waded out for an hour and chucked a few flies around. I cant tell you how many pike I spotted warming themselves up in the morning sun. There haven’t been many times in my long pike fly-fishing career where I can actually site fish for this species but this was one of them. In just an hour I caught 5 jacks and must have watched at least 20 or so follow my fly in close before spotting me and darting off again.

As I’ve mentioned before Its always a palaver setting up a camera onto its timer, then getting into position before the 10 second red flashing light goes out so I don’t usually bother. I try to unhook the fish without even having to take it out the water but just for remembrance of a truly stunning mornings hike I snapped this one. Oh and I didn’t see a single sole the whole morning!

Go to my Google maps in the right column or Click Here to go to a bigger version and go to the red markers with the dots on them. The harbor has several images in a separate album.


Anonymous said...

very nice simon....I like bids as well though I have yet to see a bald eagle...bummer. Ken

Anonymous said...

Often if the pike are following I lift the fly away before they get to close. Drop it back by them and let it just lay there dead. I have the same probelm with tem getting too close and getting scared.

All about the grab said...

If there weren't so many pike here around Replot I think I would become quite frustrated, but to have a fish swim as close as they did and just be able to observe them is probably just as good as actually having one on the end of my line.