Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Float tubes

Last year Alistair at “The Urban fly-fisher” blog was looking at float tubes and found what he thought was a decent substitute from the usual run of the mill designs on the market which he called a P.E.R.V Personal Environmental Reconnaissance Vehicle”.

So I stated digging around myself for something a little different from your ordinary run of the mill float tubes. At first I came across all the usual suspects you’d expect, with regards to personal floatation devises, but found their sales pitches didn’t include the bikini clad girl, which turned me off straight away. (Bloody false advertising).

What I’ve been looking for is something with a little more comfort and maybe with a bit of propulsion build in…….and then I found this on the net from a company called POOLTOY.COM

The Motorised inflatable bumper boat

Navigate your local stretch of water in style. It has a 200 lb-capacity and has a quiet motor with one-button accelerator control. Cruising around the pool has never been so much fun. Easy to inflate, simple to store Designed to inflate easily with the included bellows air pump. Three separate valves ensure that the boat stays afloat. When the air is taken out, boat stores compactly ready for your next fishing adventure.

Regular price: $119.95 Sale price $94,95

Now that’s not a bad little set up for 94 quid isn't it. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted it, my dream P.E.R.V, the Motorised pool lounger”

Large, comfortable armrests Independent power and directional control Built-in cup holder Supports up to 250 pounds! Two separate motor/propeller sub assemblies Sturdy 0.35 mm PVC construction Requires 12 x 1.5 volt D-Cell batteries

Price $149.95

You’ll have to agree with me when I say, I’d look the absolute bollocks on one of these rippa’s, cruising between the islands here on Replot.. With a few slight modification like a sun roof and somewhere to mount my battery for my fish finder, I’ll be the envy of every shore fisherman in the region.……and to think I was going to fork out good money on a fishing kayak. Click on the motorized pool lounger link to watch a video of this awesome piece of equipment in action


Alistair said...

Hey - that is my P.E.R.V !!


All about the grab said...

Just click on the links Alister and it already goes to the original post.