Friday, 29 May 2009

Vision's Mycket Bra

You know I don’t do enough proper tackle reviews here on PikeFFArticls so I thought I’d do one on Vision’s Mycket Bra. I bought this chest pack just under 3 yrs ago from a fly-fishing fair and its probably the best buy I have made with regards to fly fishing gear….ever.

The front pack has two large zippered pockets which I’m able to keep two boxes of assorted flies in, as well as a pair of sharp scissors, Fishing licenses, Camera, smokes, lighter, spare batteries, traces, leaders, Trace wire, hook sharpener. In front of those there is a handy zippered mesh pocket with 4 x tippet pockets where I also have some super glue and maybe a snack bar of some kind as well as my mobile phone.

The rear zippered pocket is ample but I would’ve liked to have seen a slightly larger compartment around another liter or so. Saying that in hindsight I still manage to have a water bottle and my wind breaker jacket plus a couple of energy bars for the session. From the picture it does look like it sits too high but to be honest I’ve found it extremely comfortable positioned between the shoulder blades. There is a handy D ring for clipping on your landing net, which is something us Snotrocketliners have no need for. And lastly there is a handy elastic mesh pouch at the bottom where I usually have a selection of Perch flies and small mouse imitations in a box.

Its compact and light and one can adjust the height of the pack to suite your needs. Best of all with the whole thing being centralized you get true freedom of movement and Casting becomes a pleasure. There are D rings on both shoulder pads where one can hook things from as well. Two snap straps connect it together with front and back and is easy to take off or spin around to get at the back pocket (see image next to the clip pliers) Lastly they come in either Green or Bone colour not that should matter.

If your somebody who uses a vest, and is looking for an up grade or just someone who is looking for that perfect piece of equipment, then look no more and get yourself one of these Mycket Bra’s from Vision. It will be the best money you will spend with regards to your fly-fishing ever.

Lastly, I am in now way sponsored by Vision or have been asked by them to write this review.


Anonymous said...

James from USA:
But does it lift and separate.

All about the grab said...

Yes James there are two snap clips on either side that loosen and its just lifts off over you or spun around to get at the back pocket.

Anonymous said...

That looks cool...check out the patagonia double haul it does the same thing but the pieces are separable (waist pack or pure chest pack)and it is set up for a hydration bladder too. No vest for me and it hangs beautifully on my boat's console or a canoe thwart