Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday Pin up after 12 beers!

Today's Friday pin up is Erina also Miss Afghanistan, and is PikeFFArticles 1st real pin up in the true sense of the words. Speaking to her on the phone last week, she says that since the demise of Bin Ladens Taliban regime, women have had a lot more freedom which has enabled her to let her hair down a lot more… shit! She presently works as a lingerie model but says she is finding it increasingly hard to get work at the moment. With Epping forest hanging from her crotch & armpits, I’m not feckin surprised!


dave lindsay said...

actually shes quite nice id go out with her , think of the dubbing ropes you could make for free

Anonymous said...

HA! dave's got a good idea....she aint too bad if you just need to get a few passes with the lawn mower and rake up the clippings and you could sell that stuff for good tying materials! Think of the wig hair streamers you could tie then Si...... good one man! Ken