Friday, 22 May 2009


The great thing about growing up in South Africa was that I learned Afrikaans. Old world Dutch compared to the new world Dutch which is spoken in The Netherlands today. Sure there are differences but there are also a lot of similarities which has allowed me to tap into the Pike on the fly scene over there as well as in Germany.

I lived in the Netherlands for nine months in 95 in a place called Hertogenbosh near Castle Ammerzoden - Kasteel Ammersoyen close to the Maas river and is where I 1st learned about pike on the fly. Dykes/Canals form an integral part of the Dutch waterways in the Netherlands and is where a lot of fly-fishing for pike is done. Anyway most of you in fact will not have heard of a Dutch website called “DYKERS” run by a chap called Edwin Kerssies, shortly translated means Canaler’s, although the website is more about the passion of fly-fishing and doesn’t just focus on Pike but other species like Carp, Asp & even Trout.Its crammed full of interesting stuff from video footage, films, Fly shop featuring a large range Enrico Puglisi flies & also a top blog, which unfortunately is only in Dutch.

Anyway click the logo to visit this wonderfully presented site. Go to the (Nieuws & Media tab) to watch a few short films or click movies down the right sidebar in the (Catagorieën) column. I particularly liked the “Dykers Movie” and reminds me so much of my time in the Netherlands starting up in the sport.

Dank u wel! Edwin, Fantastisch website


dave lindsay said...

nice site that simon not to bad to navigate as there is an english side mrnue said...

Thx man!