Monday, 25 May 2009

Into the Wild

The great thing about Finland is there are vast expanses of wilderness to be fished in, and Replot Island is no different. So I’ve decided in a few weeks to pack my backpack with all the necessary essentials and bugger off for a few days into one of the uninhabited areas of the island and do a field trip once my clients have left.

I’ve earmarked the 12th 13th & 14th of June on the calendar and with my USB modem attached to my laptop, will be writing twice daily feeds through PikeFFArtiles and on Twitter so you can follow me as I fish the area. Each day will be marked on the Google map in the sidebar with images and fish porn also from that day….if any?

Pike on the fly doesn’t get any better than this for me. Traveling on foot, camping out in an unknown wilderness area, armed with an assortment of flies with the knowledge that not a single snot rocket would have ever encountered a fly chucked in front of their snouts…literally virgin waters for me to explore and fish on.

The rectangular area I’ve marked is where I’ll be heading for. Lena’s going to drop me off on the Friday at the canal (marked) I’ll be chucking fluff along its east bank, slowly making my way inland to the sea, where I’ll spend the next 2 days wading the coastline in search of piking nirvana. Total distance covered…..maybe 10 – 12km. (Click the images and they will take you to a more detailed map which you can enlarge and click and drag around) The thin red line will be my route.

Just to keep your interests going I’m going to throw in a couple of Baltic pike flies tied by me for the person who guesses the (A) closest weight to the biggest pike I catch over the weekend and also a couple of flies to the person who guesses correctly (B)how many pike in total I will catch also over the whole weekend. Submit your answers in the comments section for this post or through the contact form and leave your email address. One correct entry for each question will be randomly selected (by a number generator) to receive a couple of free flies.


Vignot' said...

Hi !
Here's my guess :
- biggest pike... 7.3kg
- number of pikes... say 15

I wish you an excellent fishing WE and thank you for your blog.
I will be in Sweden at this time, can't wait !

Cheers from France,

Erik said...

My guess is
weight 12kg
and you ll catch 12 pike

Thomas said...

Hi Simon

Number of pikes: 27
Biggest: 9 Kg

Whatever have a nice and safe trip!


Anonymous said...

Number of pikes : 23
Biggest : 8,2 KG

many tight lines and great memories.

The Netherlands