Monday, 24 August 2009

Widow angel streamer tutorial

Step 1.

Start by running your thread along the length of the hook shaft. I used a Gamakatsu big game saltwater hook size 6/0. Depending on the colour of the Ostrich hurl will depend on the colour of the schlappen & hackle feathers you use. Here I used a black schlappen feather at the back with 2 Olive Chinese neck hackles in front on either side of the hook. Cut the excess away & place a small dab of head cement or super glue over the area.

Step 2:

Make a dubbing loop (You do this by extending your cotton down some 200mm then loop it over your finger ,then loop it back over the hook. Take a few turns around it on both sides to hold it in place) and hook your griffin spinning loop tool between the cotton. Then place a 15mm strip of Olive arctic fox fur between. As I mentioned depending on what colours you are using will depend on the colour of the fur.

Step 3:

Cut the leather strip away and push the fur up as close to the cotton as possible.

Step 4:

Then spin the loop tool sufficiently for the fur to become tightly spun. Wet fingers and pull any excess fur away from the mass of spun fur.

Step 5:

Palmer the fur onto the hook remembering to pull the fur backwards with each turn you make around the hook shaft. This will act as slight ridge for when you lay the ostrich hurl over the top of it.

Step 6:

Take you ostrich hurl and cut 30 or so of the longest feathers. I used Black 1st with this fly. I like to use the longest towards the back as it gives the fly length and volume when in the water. Take clumps of three at a time and wrap ¾ away around the hook, leaving the bottom free. Cut excess material away and place a dab of super glue over it.

Step 7:

Make your second dubbing loop and place another 15mm of artic fox fur between and follow the same process as steps 2/3/4.

Step 8:

Now place a row of either the same coloured feathers, or in this case I used Olive as in step 5.

Step 9:

Make your 3rd dubbing loop with arctic fox fur and then cover with another section of Ostrich hurl feathers

Step 10:

Now make your 4th dubbing loop with arctic fox except this time use a strip around 80mm. Whip finish with a drop of head cement then stick some eyes on if you want.. I’ve used Gator eyes here from

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pikepicker said...

Great step by step Si....will knock a few out tonite! Widow angel hair streamer looks bad ass....need to get some O herl.....nice and thanks again!

WM said...


Wow, that pup ought have some movement to it! Do use the same dubbing loop technique for your Fin Coon flys?

I tied a couple 'coon flys, can't wait to try them. I tied them basically with the same technique here and also just palmered one with hide on- either way looks pretty treacherous!

All about the grab said...

Yes I do Wayne.I use it with Marabou hairline as well as Coon fur.