Saturday, 22 August 2009

Walleye/Zander Jigging flies

Here are a few more Walleye/Zander/Pike-perch tube flies from my vise. The difference with these ones to the doubles I tie, Is these have a far stiffer tail made from trace wire and I use small treble hooks instead of a normal smaller single hook. A Black n White double was fished along side one of these also in the same colours, and this stiffer tailed version was definitely more productive. Whether it was the use of treble hooks or stiffer wire I'm not sure yet. Another batch has gone out for testing this weekend........I wait for feedback!

Walleye/Zander especially here in Finland seem to favour different colours of rubber jigs in different lakes or rivers. One of the great things about this design tied onto tubes instead of hooks, is that one can mix and match the tails so you can have a Black n White main body with a yellow and green tail depending on what colour the fish are more attracted to.

Yes they're a little on the heavier side due to the cone heads I've been using but you aren't casting these 70ft and are mainly used as a jigging fly over drop off points where shoals of fish are congregating. I've wet them here as well to show what their profile would be in the water, and as you can see the tail looks and acts just like a rubber jig would. Especially if tied with Raccoon fur.


pikepicker said...

Hey Simon....are those the ties you need to make over winter???? br. Nice post bro!

dave lindsay said...

hey simon they look the dogs wotsits , anychance you can stick up the rig you use for tubes

all the best

All about the grab said...

When you talk about the rig,do you mean the tying stand or the wire trace I use attached to the hook to my line?

All about the grab said...

And yes Ken these are one of the designs.the others are the ones from the 20th August post.Both the small bunny bugs and the combo tube bead ones. I have some others which unfortunately have these new heads attached but will put them up once they go on the market.
Have just heard today the lads caught 29 walleye/Zander on the ones in today's post all on a fly rod.

dave lindsay said...

sorry simon what im interested in is the rig that goes through the tube , do you have them pre rigged on wire or do you run wire through the tube and rig as you use them hope that makes sense

All about the grab said...

I run the wire through the tube and tie it onto the hook with a uni knot.I use Loops pike wire

on the other end I just use a swivel to eradicate twists.Simple
99% of the time the hook comes out of the end of the tube and slides up the line thus saving the fly and its materials. Don't slide the hook to far down the tube just have it in the end.

I use the same rig for Zander especially with these new tube flies Ive made. Get yourself some coneheads as they are full of weight.The new tube fly jig heads from Eumer will be coming out in a month or so.

Overall this weekend the boys from Eumer caught 72 Zander on the flies I gave them to test. the bead/tube combo ones apparently were more effective than Rubber...Go figure!

Fishing Fury said...

Looking good! What size is that back treble?

All about the grab said...

Clive I'm not sure exactly...they are quite small though.Anyway you should always use smaller hooks for the tail section of any double.