Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Fin Raccoon fur

Fin Raccoon fur is also another of my all time favourite tying materials. The Dutch buy thousands upon thousands of bags of the stuff, that’s how popular this product is for tying flies with. It comes in a myriad of colours from White/Black/Yellow/Brown/Blue/Purple/Chartreuse green/Pink/Grey and literally shits all over Arctic fox and rabbit fur by a long shot. This is due to the extra long fur Raccoon dogs have.

Rabbit fur at best, reaches 12 -15mm, where as Raccoon fur reach anywhere between

70 – 90 mm in length. Mix short strips of Raccoon fur with Marabou hairline and you really have a killer combination of materials. Especially tied using dubbing loops.

My mate arrives here at the end of the month with his underwater camera & were going to spend a few days filming an assortment of flies tied with natural & synthetic materials being stripped back through the different depths of water to show you exactly how effective curtain materials are to others. So stay tuned towards the end of September once we have edited the footage.

Just to give you an idea here is a clip I found the other day regarding the “Intruder fly” first designed by legendary ‘Ed Ward’. With a few slight modifications one could turn this into a killer pike fly.


pikepicker said...

nice simon....do the raccoon strips come in the same width or can you get them in magnum?

All about the grab said...

They come in 3mm widths but magnums can also be ordered Ken. Eumer gave me a whole pelt last week for me to try out. will send you some over for you to try next week with some flies mate.

pikepicker said...

Top notch Simon thanks alot....been having alot of luck with bunny bugs in the evening...lov em but they can tire a guy out....

fishhead said...

Never heard of Finn Raccoon but it looks freakin' awesome. A Pike would have to be dead to pass on that.

Maybe throw us a pattern or two to whet our chops on?

Good stuff!

Nycflyangler said...