Monday, 31 August 2009

Tight arse magic tool

The same company that brought you the Magic heads (Petitjean fishing equipments) also has a fantastic piece of equipment called the "Magic Tool". Now I have to say it is a top addition to any fly tiers bench but to be honest, as I'm the ultimate tight arse, And not prepared to fork out 30 euros for it, one can make something quite similar which will do the same job for practically bugger all.

1st cut yourself a piece of wood some 80mm long and cut a 5mm groove down the center of it. Remember to sand down the groove to make it smooth before use.

Place the marabou feather or hairline with the vein over the groove.

Push the feather down into the groove.

Take a normal office paper clamp and slide over the protruding feathers. Clamp tight.

Pull out of the groove

Take scissors and cut away the feathers vein

You're just left with the feathers which can now be placed into your dubbing loop. I actually saved myself a whopping 30 euros there.


pikepicker said...

that is awesome Si! I like that tight ass stuff and it works the same! Now I just need to practice the dubbing loop........

WM said...

Hey Simon,

I built one of these after you mentioned it awhile back. Works great and the price is right!

One thing I'm going to do with the one I made is add grooves with different depths so that I can use either different size feather (I found some small marabou that works good for little bugs)or vary the length of my marabou.

dave lindsay said...

great idea love it