Friday, 21 August 2009

Filming pike on the fly

I went on Tuesday filming pike on the fly for the Ostrebothnian fishing associations new fishing tourism film which is being produced for the region. It also gave me a good look at the area where the Kvarken International pike fly-fishing tournament that I’m putting together for next year May will be held.

After spending the whole day on the water I am quite confident that all contestants will have some of the best pike fly-fishing they will ever have in their lives. I wont bore you with how many I caught but it was into double figures, and for the summer and just 6 hrs fishing, it was fantastic sport. I have to admit the 1st hour was extremely slow and I felt the pressure slightly but it didn’t take long for me to find the pike and start to relax.

I fished a couple of synthetic baitfish patterns in Orange and chartreuse green at 1st with no luck and so changed over to my trusty Red/White marabou & schlappen streamers and 3rd cast in and bang. I mainly sight fished for these pike in the shallows and at one point we were amazed at how many pike rushed out the weeds to attack my fly even better when you capture it on film. We also fished deep drop off areas and small bays as well with great success.

My red/white & blue/white doubles tied with raccoon fur and marabou hairline were killer and I ended up using them practically the rest of the day. What gave me the greatest pleasure though was being able to film all the pike that I caught being released back from whence they had came, and we managed to get some fantastic underwater footage as well. All I can say is this place is going to go off the charts in the spring next May.

Go to the Google maps in the sidebar to see where I was, or click here for a larger map the red markers with the dots was our route and fishing grounds.