Thursday, 27 August 2009

"The Simple Simon"

When I looked at the flies other fly-fishermen are using to target Walleye/Zander, I found the only criteria they followed was to generally have a weighted head. Materials used varied, yet bucktail & plenty of flash is very popular tied clouser stylie with dumbbell eyes. As I mentioned last week the most effective way to target this species is with rubber jigs. So I thought why not simplify the fly down to the bare minimum and I’ve come up with “The Simple Simon”. If your looking for the easiest tie all year for targeting Perch/Walleye/Zander/Bass then here it is. Materials needed, Raccoon fur, Pearl tinsel & 1 Ostrich hurl strand.


Start by cutting a section of tubing 20 mm long. Slide over inner tube.

Step 2:

Leave a 5 mm space then run a small section of cotton around 3 mm wide around the tube. Wrap a single strand of pearl tinsel flash around the cotton and tie onto the top of the tube.

Step 3:

Cut a 10-12 mm piece of Raccoon zonker strip (I used white here but one can use any colour you prefer) and tie onto the tube.

Step 4:

Take another strand of Pearl tinsel flash and wrap it around the cotton then tie over the fur. Follow with one black Ostrich Hurl feather.

Whip finish and apply a dab of head cement. You can add a small eye with a small blob of resin but its not necessary.

One can either place a small weighted cone on the front or better still when they come out one of the new weighted jigging heads from Eumer.

I've wet it to show you what its profile would be underwater. A simple easy baitfish which can be used as a walleye jig or just as normal tube fly.


pikepicker said...

Man Simon you must be able to tie a bunch of those in no time at all!...Next pattern called "SIMON SAYS"....HA!