Thursday, 6 August 2009

Northern pike buff

Not sure weather us pike fly-fishermen really have the need for wearing buff's but if your into that kinda stuff then click the image to get yourself a pike scaled buff from Shatila gifts for $21,98


Pike Fishing said...

hey there - I clicked through to see what a Buff was... but I'm still not sure - the product pictures are not very good but from the description, it sounds like a Buff is a vest or something that kinda works like Gortex?

All about the grab said...

No Actually they are something you wear around your neck that can be pulled over your face to stop you getting sun burnt. Many of the guys who fish the flats use them.

Jeff Goudreau said...

The Angler buffs are used to protect from UV rays. There are a few other versions that have insect repellant. In northern Canada anyways we have 24 hours of sun in the mid summer. So UV protection is important. These products along with fly fishing gloves can save you lots of skin cancer hassle.