Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The "NEW" Professional BugBond torch

BUGBOND professional is a new single emitter UV light that will appeal to the fly-tying fanatic, semi commercial & commercial tier. It’s possibly the sleekest, smartest, smallest & cheapest to run, UV light for curing resin on the market available. It utilises a Cree single UV emitter that provides consistent curing. It uses a single AA battery but It works equally well with alkaline batteries, NiMH rechargeable batteries also. What I love about this torch is that it weighs a measly 74g compared to the discontinued Night searcher torch at 152g. Another simple addition to this torch is the handy strap that is attached. Not having to place the torch down on the bench while you apply the resin is a god sent.

If you've never used a UV cured resin on your flies then you don't know what you are missing. Bugbond's closest rival is an American product called CCG - Clear cure goo, & although I truly do respect all you patriotic chaps in the States using a home grown product, there really is no comparisson between the two. You might say "well it's a little bit more expensive than CCG" but the reason for this is because it's a better product.....FULL STOP!!! It cures quicker with absolutely "NO" tack what so ever. It comes in "Lite" or "Original" 20ml bottles with revolutionary applicator caps which I see many of bugbonds rivals are now copying with their own products. If your from Europe then get over to the Bugbond site to order yourself up a kit. If your in the States then get hold of Greg Becker at "White water flies" who stocks it his shop.


Unknown said...

I used Epoxy for a long time but now when you can order Bug Bond from Finland I have used only that stuff.
It sounds expensive,but it lasts longer,it´s easier to use.
5 min epoxy....who want´s to wait when you can make it in 10 seconds :)

All about the grab said...

Bugbond rules the tying vice!