Friday, 23 September 2011

Carp slam!

I'm off on Saturday up to Kokkola with my club ( to a private pond to hopefully slam some Carp so I've had to tie up a small range of Carp candy for the occassion. This has been something I've wanted to do here for some yrs now but just haven't had the chance due to other commitments and the wide distributuon of these fish that are generally stocked in privately owned lakes and ponds. God knows whether I'll catch any with this selection of patterns,although they are recognised carp candy from reputable carp fisherman. Now that I'm in with the right crowd, I'll be fishing for carp twice a month from next season, so It looks like I'm going to have to order me up some proper ammunition from my mate JP at ROUGHFISHER.COM
what makes this so special is that nobody targets carp here on the fly so I "might" be the first chap in Finland to catch one using this method. Its a big ask so we'll just have to see. Hopefully I can bag one or two!!


Mags said...

Nice patterns. I like the first one with the rubber leg trailer, nice!

John Montana said...

Great looking flies! Good luck!