Monday, 5 September 2011

Fly Candy - Musky madness

I'm back on the musky trail again. This time I've been asked to tie them longer,wider and if possible have larger spun deer hair heads on the largest hooks I can find. This becomes a challenge purely because you can only tie so much onto two hooks before they become too heavy and totally un aerodynamic to cast. Not only that but extremely time consuming to make and expensive to produce. Okay money's no object here but one can only add so many microbarb saddles to a fly regardless of how expensive they are at the mo,so I'm having to add less of them and look at other alternative materials (feathers/flash) that can give the flies volume, length and above all, movement instead.
One of these materials is Ostrich Hurl and I have shit loads of it lying around my man cave. Its super light retains very little water and moves fantastically under the water. I first build a base of bucktail,then add the stiffer feather to eather side of the hook (roadkill seagull I found in the spring here) , & finaly added the ostrich hurl feathers over the the long white feathers.

The head is tighly packed spun deerhair and I added a section of foam to the front of it for extra bouyancy. The eyes are purely there for aesthetics. Total length 14" inch - 35cm. Click images for larger view.


Jerome_S said...

Lovely!!! what is the size of the flyline you use for this chicken-like fly :) ? This is awesome.

All about the grab said...

I think the guy who's ordered these flies uses a 12# line with a 10" rod.