Monday, 26 September 2011

Fly Candy - Musky madness

This is a combination of brown schlappen,Olive/yellow grizzly schlappen,grizzly microbarbs,reindeer fur,Elk fur and deerhair. Total length 14" inches from nose to tail.

Keep an eye out this week for the new Bugbond torch, latex gloves, readers fish and fly porn,fly swaps,more fly Candy and the overdue bendback high tie tutorial.


Erik said...

Hey Simon,

Your flies seem to get bigger and bigger. One wonders if there's something you're seeking compensation for.....(chuckle, chuckle)....but I like them!

mike williams said...

Great bug Simon, I look forward to the upcoming write ups especially the bend back high tie. Keep up the good work

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Cheers lads,Erik if you think these are big wait till you see the next batch that are around 25" long

Thanks for stopping buy on a regular basis and leaving comments mate.

Jerome_S said...

Love the colors of this one... and really looking forward for the synthetic hair patterns!
Congrats again Simon

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Thanks Jerome and thanks for the words of encouragement you too Mike!