Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Fly Candy - Musky madness

Flyzilla's - "The Manta rat" This one is slightly different from the last in that the tailing tandem tail is a combination of steelhead silver and Mullet brown mirror image,several mixed white & grizzly micro barb saddles and a wide spun deerhair head.

The main body is a combination of tan brown bucktail, Natural deer hair, two primary (roadkill) seagull feathers. Silver mylar unravelled,white microbarbs, a tightly packed large spun deerhair head, brown foam helmet and cream floss whiskers.

Total length 14" inches


James O Durbin II said...

Are you throwing these with a 16 weight rod :-)
These are awesome dude

the lonsome piker said...

Hello Simon, you did it again! A very wise man once said that imagination is more important than knowledge, but you’ve demonstrated again that the combination of both is the real rebirth in fly fishing… or rat fishing (or whatever you want to call it).
Either way, this ‘Manta Rat’ looks fantastic!

All about the grab said...

Cheers guys, much appreciated.

Chris Martin said...
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Chris Martin said...

Love this! You ever fish at night? Muskie get active just after dark. This would be a great pattern to mimic a muskrat. I'm going to tie this one up, but with one alteration... I'll use glow in the dark flashaboo for the whiskers