Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fly Candy - Musky madness

I call this the "Tigerbomb",18" inches of pure unadulterated decadance. The Stinger hook is a combination of blended black & orange wighair synthetics, Orange and brown schlappen,orange and brown bucktail,orange fine luminesant tinsel and four large hot orange grizzly hackles with a spun deer front end up to the hook point.
The main body has all the same materials, bar the wighair. The head is spun deerhair with an orange/brown foam plate stuck over it to give the fly a little more bouyancy during the retrieve.

If this doesn't push a lot of water on the surface then I don't know what will, and if you think this ones over the top, then your going to shit yer pants when you see the next batch I tied up yesterday.


Unknown said...

I shit my pants already today... bring it on.

Jerome_S said...

For sure, so much waiting for the next batch... I've never seen something like that. Totally impressed.

Erik said...

Hi Simon,

you're a busy man. Some production! I might want to try and tie something like this myself. Question: how do you attach the stinger to the main hook?

All about the grab said...

Erik I use this method

I do use 30lb wire and run it down the whole length of the hookshaft.Secure it with tight wraps of thread,coat heavily with head cement and then once thats dry I coat with Bugbond UV can use 5min epoxy.

Erik said...

Brilliant. I'll give it a shot