Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fly Candy - Musky madness

The benifit of having a webfeeder installed to this blog is that I'm able to track every reader that visit these shores. Many are from fly fishing or fly tying forums where someone has posted an image with link of one of these flies and what's struck me is how unbelievably negative the fly fishing fraturnity can be. With the advent of google translate I can follow practically any forums disgussion wherever from in the world. But more on forums & why I don't partake in them in an up and coming post.

These flies are tied for a reason, to attract and catch big fish which they do. They aren't supposed to be cast 25m with 9# rod. they are cast 15m with a 12" 12# rod at monster musky by fly fisherman that live for the sport and have one goal in mind to try and break the world musky record with a fly and to do that they say you need monster flies to get them interested which I'm glad to oblige in tying for them. Sure I've never fished for Musky before but you can't tell me that Pike wouldn't want to eat this monster flapping around on the surface.
This beast is 16" inches long and is a combination of reindeer fur,bucktail,white n brown schlappen feathers,white microbarbs & a spun deerhair head.


Erik said...

16 inches is big, but I'm not convinced that it can't be cast with a 9 or 10-weight because of that. Not 25 meters, I'll grant you that, but maybe 15 meters depending on how much water it absorbs. The weight of the streamer will probably limit its castability (is that an english word?)more than its size, don't you think? So how is it once it's wet? Does it really become (too) heavy?

All about the grab said...

Hi Erik
the sheer size and length of it once wet and water logged really is just to heavy to cast with a 9# rod. I have fished with these kind of flies with a 10# rod but have stepped up the line rating to a 12# line.
What I've been doing with these heads though is placing a small thin foam disk inbetween each section of spun deer hair which has given the fly the much needed bouyancy needed. Clients that have been fishing them say the foam keeps the head elevated. I was worried at 1st that the trailing tail would be too heavy and pull the fly down backwards but having fished with a couple of these flies this isn't the case as the stinger tail has less materials tied on than the body hook.

Chris Martin said...

I read you post regarding the fly tying world and how quick some of the brethren are to criticize... I agree completely and I think it's crap! You and your flies should be applauded! I love the innovation and break from tradition. I too tie flies that are a departure from what is considered normal, and have received negative comments in forums. I honestly don't care what people say... if a fly produces fish, it's a winner in my books. A month ago I was fishing with a "friend" who has always had a negative word for my oversized flies. Well, after I had 4 big Muskie to the boat to his zero, he was begging for one of my flies. Your flies are terrific. I live in Muskie country and I can guarantee you flies would catch trophies here. I noticed you tie with a lot of brown... in my experience white/blue and white/grey are productive colours. They mimic the high calorie/oily ciscoes and whitefish that muskie love. Keep up the great work!

Check out the new articulated shanks from Flymen. I ordered a bunch for tying huge articulated flies. I'm still waiting for them to arrive, but I'm pretty sure they will be fantastic.



Pikeman said...

Awesome work Si. Your flies definitely work on big pike. I've had success casting them on a 10# with an 11# line on it. The large sonic profile helps any predator find this fly and your attention to detail on color blending and material selection helps seal the deal. Can't wait to see more.

All about the grab said...

Chris: cheers brotha, I'm the same as I cant be arsed what others think. Its always the ones that critisise things that only get to fish once or twice a month,if that!
regarding colour I do tie a lot in browns and tans but thats what the client asks for. I will be tying up some in grey/white/silver and black/silver as well.

The articulated shanks & sculpin heads look fantastic and will be recieving a batch from Martin at flymen fishing co. I'm on their pro tyer/guide program.

Mark:Thanks for the kind words my friend.This new batch for you is a work in progress and many of the ideas we have discussed will be applied to them.