Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tube baitfish tutorial

Here's a tube baitfish pattern for Salt & fresh water purposes. Can be tied in a multitude of colours and sizes depending on what species you intend to target.

Veiw in full screen mode


Rich said...

Very nice Simon!

I love the slender profile of this fly. I could see this pattern being used for Pike and Perch as well as Bass Pollock etc. The flashy lateral line looks cool without going over the top.

I assume you have added the eyes right at the front to allow for better movement? I suppose you could add a small conehead if you wanted to and set the eyes further back?


All about the grab said...

Cheers Rich,
Yes with 99% of all my saltwater flies I have eyes on which is complete opposite to my pike flies as you know.

With regards to coneheads...well I tend to leave them off saltwater tube patterns purely because of the weight issue the hold and secondly fly retrieval in saltwater...well from my experience is generally just a sharp strip strip strip motion. Coneheads seems to pull the fly down which I'm not looking for, instead I use different sized eyes on my tube flies which gives the fly a slightly more wobbly motion through the water as you retrieve it....Not much but just enough to affect the dynamics of the fly slightly.