Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday pin up after 12 beers!

Here's another of those eastern block womens Olympic hopeful hammer throwers, that has definitely let slip her personal hygiene since she stopped competing on the professional athletics circuit. Olga....Or should we say Oga! says that when her Gillette sponsorship fell through towards the end of the nineties, is when she started to loose her femininity. All I can say is "Imagine nuzzling up to that on the couch after 12 pints! "


ChuckingFluff said...

That's Rosanne Barr's sister! Wow I would need more than 12 for that one.

WM said...

Dude, an extra 12, how 'bout catch me in my dying twitches! sheezzz!

I tell you what, there are some New Zealand sheep shearers looking for work here in Montana right now, I'm thinking their warm up is right here!

All about the grab said...

Hey wayne,
How do kiwis find sheep in long grass?