Monday, 1 February 2010

Fly Candy

A couple of weeks ago I received a goody bag in the post from Ben Rioux "Up' North Maine fly casting" Inside were a selection of tandem rigs which I promised to tie up some Marabou muddlers for him.

Each are around 100mm long and comprise of 5 marabou hairline feathers palmered around the hook shaft.Added a few strands of pearl tinsel and used chartreuse & black bucktail for the heads. I trimmed these a little tighter to the front of the hook eye and stuck some tiny eyes on. They're in the post Ben...Hope you like em mate.


Fly Fishing South Africa said...

Beautiful flies! That final fly in the pics is absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

Could you be any better at tying flies? These are amazing, I cannot WAIT to see them. Hopefully some nice salmon will be taken with them so I can send along some pictures! I'll let you know when they've arrived! Thanks a bunch Simon.

Tight Lines!