Thursday, 25 February 2010


I'm really stoked with the new fliers Lena ( Lk graphics ) has designed for me for this years fly fairs around Europe as well the workshops I'm busy in talks with in South Africa for the end of the year. shop will be open in a couple of weeks as well.......and from reading your emails it will be stocked with products you generally cant get over the counter, specifically for pike on the fly, at your local fly shops.......for considerably less than if you could. This shop is not my intention to rip people off but to be able to bring products to fly fisherman at a far more reasonable price than many retailers or other webshops out there do. Take for instance A packet of raccoon zonker retails in fly shops here for around €5,80 - €6,20.... with us you'll be able to get them at €4.25 and if you take 5 you get a sixth one for free. This way one can get six colours for the price of three.... from your local fly shop!

Anyway nuff said!


Rich said...

The fliers look spot on Simon and your Racoon offer is too good to be missed. Will you take paypal in the shop?


All about the grab said...

Thanks Rich & Yes it will have paypal and other banking methods.

Rich said...


I forgot to ask, do you use the Puglisi tying method with your slink n flash flies or is there something else to them. I have tied many slinky blend flies and always found the EP method left the fly too bulky when using the slinky fibre.


David Edwards said...

The flyers look the business... with every best wish to you and Lena in the new venture. Kind regards as ever. David

All about the grab said...

Cheers David

Sometimes I do Rich...the trick is it use thinner clumps the closer you get to the hook eye....less is more,I say. I also like to pinch the head area real tight and shape it one time on top then trim the sides if needed. I'll do a tutorial for them in a few weeks

WM said...

Nice flyer! Also, that's awesome on the fly shop front! So an online store front is in the works.

It will do well!