Friday, 26 February 2010

Top tips with Raccoon

For those that have never used Raccoon Zonker either because your not a natural's Person or because you've heard it gets heavy after 20 mins of fishing with it. well here's a top tip to use before tying onto your hook.

Firstly take your Bone comb and comb through thoroughly pulling out as much of the underfur as possible. Then take a sharp pair of tying scissors and snip away 4 - 5 mm sections along the length of the leather strip. This drastically cuts down the weight by a 3rd. and water is dispersed a lot quicker out of the tail with a couple of false casts. I've also noticed that these gaps in the fur trap air in between them and leave a small trail of bubbles behind as you strip back

And as I've mentioned before if your a tight arse like me, then there's no waste as you have some fantastic raccoon dubbing left over


Schollmeier said...

Nice tip man! I'm going to try that with the rabbit I have laying around. Easier casting and cheapskate, awesome!

All about the grab said...

No worries Tony,Have several rabbit pelts myself ready for much the same.