Monday, 8 February 2010

Spot the differance

Friday night with a bottle of wine Lena wanted to learn how to tie a couple of flies for herself for the spring time,and this is the 1st fly that Lena ever tied in her life. We were going to start with a simple deceiver pattern for her to follow but she went off on another tangent. Anyway this has black Chinese cock neck hackles tied onto the back of the hook deceiver style.Then she added some strands of silver FFF Flash, then added several small white microbarb saddle hackles. Palmered on 2 Burnt Orange Marabou hairline feathers then finished of the fly with Five longer WMSH's. Stuck a couple of rattle eyes on and then Bug-bonded them together....without any help from myself.

Can you spot the difference between the two flies here.One has been tied by myself and the other by Lena as is the second fly she has ever tied in here life.

I went through the SBS and she watched and listened intently.

Then produced this! To be truthful I didn't have high expectations for here 2nd effort, but once she had bug-bonded the eyes on I realized that she had tied one bad ass fly. I know a lot of fly-fishermen that couldn't tie a fly that well.


Unknown said...

Way to go, Lena!

WM said...

Dude, you're in trouble! If she fishes like she ties you better get a head start!

David Edwards said...

Lena, well done... however, might give Si time off to go fishing while you do the tying!! :D