Friday, 5 February 2010

Fly Candy

Another bobble head tube fly.This one I started off tying in 10 -12 different length White and brown microbarb saddle hackles The tied on 20 or so Yellow Ostrich plume feathers. Then finished of the fly by dubbing looped orange arctic fox for the head. Super light and will have plenty of movement in the water

This one os more of a tube bunny in that I started by tying on a 60mm strip brown raccoon zonker.Then added several brown microbarb saddles, then dubbing looped pink raccoon fur for a head


epicfly said...

Nice flies man. Do you know anyone fishing flies like that hear in the states? Colorado?

All about the grab said...

Cheers,and I'm not sure.This blog has a large readership so I'm sure some fellas in the States might use some of the patterns I tie.You can get all the materials over there as well...So maybe?

David Edwards said...

Simon - just the business as usual! David