Friday, 26 February 2010

Fly Candy

This is another double rig fly. Wouldn't even know where to start with a name. I started with the trailing hook 1st by tying on a strip of white raccoon fur 60 mm long then added som Xmas tinsel then two clumps of Chartreuse bucktail around the hook. Then attached it to the main long shanked hook by way of some 60lb mono. At the back of the hook I placed another decent clump of chartreuse bucktail mainly as a guard to stop the coon strip from wrapping around the hook. Then wrapped red chenille around the hook shaft down to the eye. Then tied on another 60 mm length of white raccoon fur strip halfway down the hook.Then added several microbarb grizzly saddle hackles and then palmered on chartreuse and white marabou feathers. Whip finished and stuck a couple of cheapo eyes on

Click image for a larger view


Rich said...

That is one of the best Pike fly concepts I have seen in a long while! Love the simple colour scheme and big profile. Is the 60lb mono tough enough to withstand the teeth? Have you ever tried a 30 or 40 lb carp braid or do you need the extra stiffness?


All about the grab said...

I like the extra stiffness Rich it gives and on one of my fly rod set ups I used 60lb mono tippet the whole of last year and didn't loose a single fish and only replaced 12 tippets.