Monday, 22 February 2010

Fly Candy

Reading a few friends blogs this weekend they hinted that spring might be on its way.....Well its definitely not here on Replot. Temps didn't rise above -15'c and ice still covers the sea. Its not as thick as last year due to the amount of snow we've had over the last couple of months so I expect it to have melted come the beginning of April....well most of it anyway.

Time has been divided between the new Baltic pike flies shop and getting through a couple of fly orders for people. How I could do with an extra day added to the weekend! anyway I've been tying an assortment of these EP stylie baitfish patterns, except flash n slinky has been the material of choice instead of the usual EP fibres.

These are just Off white flash n slinky with a splash of red arctic fox tied on under the chin at around 120mm.

This one has a short strip of Xmas tinsel down its flank