Friday, 27 November 2009

Worth his salt

Every Pike fly-fisherman worth his salt takes full advantage of the Christmas Seasons time for cheap fly tying materials,probably more so than any other fly fisherman. I'm no different in fact I become the ultimate tight arse with regards to all things shiny n sparkly,Especially since the worlds bankers or should that be "Wankers" fucked things up for us and made our pockets tighter than a low flying ducks clenched sphincter. Anyway I have set aside €50 this month purely to buy up as much Xmas decorations that can be used on my flies as I possibly can. Yesterday while sniffing around one of the large supermarkets in Vaasa, I came across these 60 mm long Gold,Silver and holographic tinsel materials for 30 cents each.....So I bought €4,00 worth. Granted on Xmas eve these will have dropped in price to around 5 cents each as retailers try to eradicate unwanted stocks from their shelves,but I just couldn't wait.

I will hold back the urge until then being the tight arse I am, and have allocated some time on the 27th Dec to hit the shops for an hour to snap up any remaining stocks available but until then I may as well use what I got.

I'm a firm believer that less is more with regards to having flashy materials on my flies....but if your going to go the other way,why not take the piss & go the full hog and give those dark waters something to light them up with....I say!

Click images for a clearer view.