Friday, 13 November 2009

"The Scrat"

Scrat, a dogged & determined creature who stops at nothing in his quest for that perfect nut.Ive seen tarpon flies tied with all the materials towards the back of the hook and Robert Sorvik ties his muppets in a similar fashion. Anyway I've used slinky fibers with a few strands of FFF Flash for lateral lines. I tied a strip of rubber at the front of the hook on either side, then split them just to give a little extra vibration (whiskers) to the fly. As you gathered I've called this fly "The Scrat" due to its un canny resemblance to the animated creature.

Scrat - No Time For Nuts - kewego
Another exclusive episode featuring Scrat (from Ice Age).


Unknown said...

Possibly my favorite Baltic Pike Fly yet! It might have a lot to do with the name.