Monday, 16 November 2009

Baltic pike flies portfolio

This is officially the 1st volume of the Baltic pike flies Story.Over the next six months I will be uploading all my tutorials in to this format for people to use but will also be working on bringing out a fortnightly publication which will cover tying tutorials, tackle,People in the sport and pike in the northern hemisphere that you can subscribe to. Anyway this is the standard of photography and quality of presentation you can expect.

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Scott said...

DAMN! Those are beautiful flies. What's neat is the portfolio flip-page style presentation. Amazing, Simon!!!


dk said...

That's f-ing brilliant man. Nice job! I look forward to the subscription publication!

All about the grab said...

Cheers Scott n Dave.
Baltic pike flies brand will be a great off shoot from PikeFFArticles. I've been in talks with some material manufactures that are interested in getting involved which will give me plenty of content to review and write about.

: said...

Nice job Simon!