Monday, 2 November 2009

The Replot tutorial

This fly I call the Replot purely because I tied them for targeting perch with although I ill be using them next spring for Ide. A simple tie with only a few materials.

This off course can be tied onto a hook but I like to tie these onto tubes. Start by sliding thin tube over tying spike.Place a dab of superglue along it and slide your conehead over it.

Step 2
Take a small red bead and slide over small tubing then fix secure by burning the end.

Step 3
Take a small clump of red arctic fox fur and tie on top of the back of the conehead and also a small piece underneath.

Step 4
Palmer on 1 Grizzly variant hackle feather

Step 5
Cut a 5 mm piece of white raccoon zonker strip and tie on in front of the hackle

Step 6
Tie on one Black Ostrich hurl feather for a lateral line.

Step 7
Palmer on either one or two grizzly variant hackle feathers in front of the raccoon fur.

Step 8
Whip finish and add a dab of head cement

A very easy tie and also a very effective perch fly for me here on the Island.