Monday, 9 November 2009

The Long Thom streamer

This is one of those flies where you get a lot of surface area of materials for very little weight. This is also another fly I use here regularly. It can be tied on to tubes like this one or on to hooks….no worries. I don’t usually use dumb bell eyes on my flies….well pike flies that is! ……But they are a great addition to this fly. Can be fished with a floating intermediate and even fast sinking line.

Step 1

Super glue a 20 mm large clear Eumer tube over a small clear tube. Then take a decent clump of black wig hair material approx 30 cm long and tie on to the back of the tube.

Step 2

Take a clump (+- 20 long strands) of any colour FFF Flash and split in half. I used blue here. Tie half on the far side of the tube and the other on the near facing side.

Step 3

Take a couple of turns with the cotton around the back of the materials just to raise it off the tube.Half hitch & coat the area with some head cement to seal it off.

Step 4

Take a decent clump pencil thickness of white/off white Slinky fiber and pull the centre outward forming a nice even taper. Place forward on the tube, wrap a few turns of cotton then fold back over itself. It should be about level length with the wig hair.

Step 5

Tie on a long grizzly variant hackle to each side of the tube. Half hitch and place a dab of head cement.

Step 6

Turn vise over and tie on a decent clump of Pearl angel hair

Step 7

Palmer on 2 Marabou hairline feathers (similar colours to the FFF Flash you used)

Step 8

Then Palmer on a contrasting coloured marabou hairline feather. Here I used purple.

Step 9

Tie on your dumb bell eyes. Use large sized eyes with this fly.

Step 10

Finish of with two small clumps of red raccoon fur behind the dumb bell eyes. Whip finish and coat with head cement

Click images for larger view.


Eumer tubes - Small/large
Chartreuse green wig hair
pearl angel hair
1 x large dumbbell eyes
2 x long grizzly saddle hackles
White slinky fiber
red arctic fox fur
3 x marabou hairline feathers


David Edwards said...

I really like that fly - can't wait to play with my tubes this week!

All about the grab said...

if you need any help Dave I'm on skype mate.....And thanks!