Sunday, 1 November 2009

Slice n dice

The SL2 Survival Tool is a super-tough, compact and lightweight tool that is indispensable for anyone who's into camping, fishing or hiking. As well as its sturdy little black and serrated locking 'A' grade blade, it comes with a remarkable firesteel (developed by the small, but, no doubt, perfectly formed, Swedish Defense Department) which will light fires with ease even in the wet - it produces an astonishing 3,000°C hot spark. The handle of the firesteel contains a small but powerful waterproof torch, and in the body of the SL2 is a piercing rescue whistle, as well as a handy belt clip. The SL Series Survival Tools make you wonder how anyone survived without them.


Perkunas said...


Nice to see that you liked my blog,man.

i aint nothing when it comes to fishing but i like it a lot still,i might something i can use from this blog of yours.Actually it seems heres so much about fishing that i go and confuse :)