Sunday, 8 November 2009

Season end

This is what greeted me yesterday morning............Guess my season is officially over here on the island. Still a trip to Merikarvia looms with my new fishing mate Jani hopefully next weekend,fingers crossed.


ChuckingFluff said...

How's the ice fishing for pike out there? That really looks beautiful.


All about the grab said...

Its not bad if you like that sought of thing. I put nets out under the ice 2 or 3 times a winter but very rarely sit on my ass looking down a hole....wishing,hoping,praying for a fish......bollocks to that!

WM said...

We're not far behind you here in Montana. Skim ice is starting on the less wind prone lakes. Snowflakes becoming a little more prevalent, mountain snow.
I still have the boat out hoping for one last shot at open water before the drudgery of staring down that hole in the ice begins.
It's a pathetic way to get your fishing jollies but it's still fishing. One thing I'm actually looking forward to is trying some coon and fox hair jigs.