Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Foam flatheads

Here's a great alternative to using cork or any other popper head for that matter. Using foam on your hook or tube is not new by any stretch of the imagination. Most of us have tied a Gartside gurgler or something similar. Well here's a foam head I use which is easy to construct and has just one tie in point at the front. I've shown its placement on a hook but I tie these onto tubes which I do now with all my poppers. Read here why!

This foam flathead moves a lot of water and depending on how wide you make it depends on how much noise and water you want it to make & move.

Step 1
Cut a piece of foam like this

Step 2
Fold it over itself

Step 3
Tie onto the front of the hook near the eye.I like to place a blob of super glue under it just to keep it in place while I tie it down. The back lip can be super glued together although I don't bother with it.


Sandy said...

Hi Simon,

Do you have a favorite way of carrying your tube flies while fishing? And do you have a favorite hook (and size) for use with your tube flies


All about the grab said...

Sandy, I take an old video box with drawing pins pushed through at the end which have been and super glued down so I can slide the tubes on to them inside. Will do a tight arse top tip this weekend to show you what I mean. I use short shanked hooks for my tubes In 3/0 & 4/0.If I'm tying onto big tubes then I will use 6/0 hooks. With my poppers though I like to use a slightly longer shanked hook though. I explained the reasoning for that yesterday.

Cheers Si

sandy said...

Thanks Simon

I look forward to the tight arse tip!!